Saturday, January 10, 2009


I Lyndsey Elizabeth am a horrible blogger, i have some catching up to do, i shall 2 not one but 2 Russian on the month posts, why you ask? because i love Russians and random facts and truth be told i really love blogging even if i have lately been terrible at it. In case you were thinking to yourself, "Hey where the funk is this chick? shes been gone for a while. I want my MTV i mean my Habs Blogging" well i will be telling you children i have been first i decided to try put life a gimp, i thought to myself i wonder what life would be like if every time i walked it hurt like hell, So i got right in there and tried it out, it was pretty shitty. So then i tried out being sick for 2 months and with school that was a hard one to balance but i figured it out, and now I'm currently trying out having a killer tooth ache. But enough about me being a little baby la la bitch. This blog is about hockies and sarcasm and hockey and Russians. so many Russians. So to sum up hockey since I've last blogged We played like shit, We played great, And now we're playing pretty decently. Now i know people are all wah wah Kovalev is lazy, Kovalev is narcoleptic, Kovalev is a Russian spy. But when we were doing great who was also doing great that's right biatches KOFALEF!!! as they call him on rds. I'm not saying he's not lazy, narcoleptic, gives the puck to anyone who inquires about it, im not even saying he's not a spy. all im saying is when kovalev plays, HE FUCKIN PLAYS. The man is an amazing stick handler and he handles his stick with tender loving care. Big daddy Kostitsyn is on FIRE, FIRE.................So much FIRE. I am loving the Tits brother plus Lang line Carboner is currently rocking, it actually gives me a boner, i may not have a penis but it even gives me a boner, Random fact half the Belorussians in the NHL play on that line. FACT!! Fuck its been so long there is so much to say and it so late for me to even say it. Remember how we killed Grabovski and his band of merry men, i loved it. Can't say we had such luck with Tim Thomas and his boys from the hood but s'all good. We'll get them when Lucic is back and Komisarus will make him CRY, Seriously when Komi is done with him i see bonnets and pacifiers and diapers in his future, Sexy? right?........right? So we've lost 2 this month, The Virgin Mother Carey Price is still out, Halak is doing good. I love Halak and it has nothing to do with his Eastern Europeaness, I promise. But it funkin Helps. It helps so much that i capitalized the H in Helps. He's been doing great since Carey has been hurt. It's late I've got nothing else. I'll blog about tomorrows game. Peace out