Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Gainey We Fail!!!

Ok so last season was something to be embarrassed over, point taken yes?

So when then end of the season came along and we got a new coach that i was less then pleased with but i thought to myself give it time he maybe he great and unlike my favourite frenchie Carboner he has NHL experience in coaching that is.

So then Gillet sells Les Canadien and Centre Bell and I'm thinking maybe they bring some fun into the mix in the form of a new GM, maybe possible one who does not have a face with so much extra skin a family of squirrels could burrow in. Oh and you know one who can actually put together a cup winning team, those 2 are really all i ask. But did i get that?? hmmmm nope

Lets see then we trade Higgins which was sad to me but not for hockey reasons just because i truly love Higgins , but good and funny people don't make wonderful players. Although must say i thought he actually was starting to find his place and shape up at the end of season. So we trade Higgy and what do we bring in?? Now since the dawn on time Les Canadiens have need a large center and you're thinking "Duh that's obviously what Gainey did"........ Fuckity no!!!
Everyones favourite GM decided to make the team smaller when it seems everyone on our division is getting bigger and tough obviously that's what we need and he brings in that lovely man Gomez Oy Vey!!!!

Also Komisarek is gone which i was expecting but i didn't expect him to be a total scum bag and play from the most disgusting team ever, Ugh the leafs!!! Well i certainly hopes he likes getting the beat down from midgets because that's what he's getting

Obviously in Gainey we Trust!!