Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ok so beautiful big win against the good wings, right. Well is was beautiful in a world peace, i can have all the Russians i want, blood on the ice, no more Lapierre kinda way. But during this beaut o a win well kids we're lost a very key players yeah boys and girls I'm talking about Alex " Tangy" Tanguay, so I'd like to send out a big Fuck you to Brad Stuart, Tangy is out with a neck injury because well all of our players like injuries.......ALOT. So Next on our list of sweet baby angels that got funked up on Wednesday is none other then i scored my first goal of the season on Monday Gorgeous Josh Gorges, i swear that's his name on his birth certificate. Well Gorges got a shot off the knee from Lidstrom who im not gonna send a big fuck out too cause i kinda like him. i like him so much more since we beat him too BAHAHAHAHAHA.Kofalef might also be out which is as sad as losing a boner not that i would know since well i dont get boners but i would imagine. Detroit really fucked us in the ass. Hopefully we kick Washingtons dirty asses. Or y'know we'll just have to sick Detroit on them. What the fuck is up with Detroit being a part of the western conference, I vote we trade Toronto to the western conference for Detroit all in favor say I................................I!!!!!!!

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