Monday, December 1, 2008

Holy F@#$ We Winned

so after our lovely lovely loss giving Theo a shut out, THEO!!! THEO ARE YOU FUNKING KIDDING ME!!!!@#@#$%#$^ The ass who I'm not sure if you caught this but was all ima wave like I'm the fucking queen why because you got shut out, The virgin mother did do that when he got one this season and guess what?? HE"S BETTER THEN YOU THEO, you're just our sloppy seconds, I'm so bitter. I just liking winning and more buts, i just like hear TIRE ET LA BUT!!! it makes me happy, oh so very happy unless its on Carey or Jaroslav especially on Jaroslav, i love that lil'guy. So much goalie talk. Ovechkin kinda killed our faces off not even he only got 2 goals but seriously he should of just scored the third goal and got himself a hat trick i mean the man did sing the Russian national anthem on t.v, in a cute oh so lovely voice. Man i love Russians. Back the time we won, and not the time we didn't. So the sabers might of made us smoke their poles last time we played them but this time it was our players who were getting their poles smoked by the sabers, and it felt sooooooooooooo good, not only do i love Russian but im also quite the perv dammit. So we won and it was beautiful except for Baby Kostitsyn aka Tits, well he got a few uncalled for penalties and it may or may not had given the sabers their first goal, ok ok it did and yeah he was actin a fool. I wish he got fighting box time cause then i would of needed to change my undies.......FACT. OK I'm going to quit before this turns into a short piece of creative fiction. Here is a picture of us scoring. GAME DAY TOMORROW

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