Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And Then There Was Pleks

So this game starts and i think im not gonna miss Halak as much as i though right , Then i see Carey and it made me realise how huge his pads are and i though heavy flow day? Less talk about tampax more talking about hockey. The first period of this game had our boy doing what they should be always doing especially when Carey is in nets, keeping the puck out of our zone, creating scoring opportunities, ok now we probably should of scored yeah that would of completed the things the habs should be doing every night, we made good use of our power play even if we didn't score they still looked good, and then i guess Carey's love for sucking dick over came him and he was like listen biatchs i want in on this game and they were all you want in and he was all i want in. So Carey gets in on the game and being that Carey is involved with Lindy Ruff or Ruff Rider as i like to call him, Well boys and girl Carey decided his undying love for dick, more importantly Ruff Riders dick was more important then winning, Damn you Halak for being sick. Also what happened to Chris Higgins? he used to be pretty dece and he's seem to of been lost somewhere along the way. Possible in the sea so semen Carey Price has left everywhere from his very illicit deep throating activities that right Ive taken it to the next level he doesn't just suck dicks he deep throats but doesn't swallow what a pansy. Halak needs a candy striper, i shall volunteer although with Prices activities he should might work better, if only he swallowed. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for Turtleplek though since without him we would of given buffalo s shut out. After the first Pleks was the only one who did something and got results except for Carey who was just S'in D's on our side which is something i suppose.Funk that shite.

We lost to a team who shut out by the islanders.......THE ISLANDERS

number 30 in the NHL. poor Strieter.

The hockey gods are laughing at us and punishing us for price not swallowing

Thanks Carey!!!!

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The Catapult Kid said...

You guys are wayyy too hard
(no pun intended) on Pricey,
don't you know that he reads this blog and every single word affects his performance?
tone it down a bit ladies, after all I don't see Ninja in nets taking slapshots?