Thursday, March 19, 2009

There goes the play offs.............

So the only good thing about Carboner being gone is well now Higgins is actually doing stuff, kinda, alittle, sorta. As i watch the canadiens get dominated by the senators like they're in a sexy dungeon of sorts i can't help but think think, Looks like Carbo wasn't the problem huh?

If the players don't wanna win, they're not going to win.

When i watch these games and have mini conniption fits over them, i realise that yes there are a few key players who do give it their all and they really wanna win, Hell some of these players are even guys at the beginning of the season i really didn't like Ahem Tenderness.

A team that seems to be sinking faster then the Titanic you really get a chance to see who wants to win and who just wants their paycheck. Guys like Kostopolous, Latendress, Lapierre, Plekanec, Tanguay and yes guys on occasion i see Higgins really trying although then he reverts back to useless Higgins at least he has spurts of time when he actually tried unlike the other permanent narcoleptic on the team.

I miss Lang so much and so often. He could skate, He could stick handle, He could score goals, He could have great hair and an infectious smile. What a man.

This team is playing pathetic, i can't even say much more then that.
There is no passion, no determination, no nothing. Thank got i still have the Capitals and Evgeni Malkin.

Could the problem be Gainey? Kovalev? Price? Injury? Lack Of Dedication? All of The Mention?

I'm too tired, too sick and too sick and tired of this bull to give a further analysis. I'll still watch the games and still be delusional and think we might win but the truth is we're looking more and more like we should be on the bottom of the east rather then the islanders who we couldn't even beat, Oh Streit.

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