Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Hey Captain

So let me start out by saying, My faith in Koivu is restored. After his injury i was very blah about him and now i feel like a born again, he's restored my faith in our fine captain, speaking of restoring faith Carey Price is starting to look like the goal tender most people in this city absolutely adore, I am still very partial to Halak, who better be getting his fine Slovakian ass back in that net. Although the one thing Carey has that Jaroslav does not have? GARTH MOTHER FUNKIN BROOKS. There is just something about the sweet tricked out Garth Brooks helmet that i just love it. The second period was horrible we were out shot and i thought to myself many time........Defense? what defense?? do we have one of those? what is this defense you speak of?? All i know is Gainey better whip these boys into shape with the help of the man I'd now like to call Lever 2000, A great addition i think since he's worked with most of team anyhow and got them to produce some pretty great things, He even got a few of these guys the Calder Cup guys like D'Agostini, Chipchura,Lapierre, Both Kostitsyn Brothers, O'Byrne, and yes even lil baby Carey Price. So it's safe to say he knows how to work with these boys he has a fine understanding on what works for them, what gets them motivated what makes them tick. He communicates with them as does Bob, where as Carboner apparently just did not deliver in that sense. Back to the game though. Shall we? I swear to the sweet little baby Jesus that they were trying to eliminate Tanguay, they were all "Hey dudes, Y'know like i heard that like Tanguay like just, uhhhhhm ohh yeah like he just like got back.......and stuff. Let's totally hurt him and make him like cry and like cut his face up with skates and stuff". Cut his face up they did, Cause him to need stitches they did, Stop him from scoring? Oh bitch no they didn't. And score he did. The game in a whole wasn't all that bad, we've had worse this season and i can no longer put the blame on Price who i still think is S'in D's in his spare time, just a thought.

I don't think i was ever happier to play against and beat a former team mate as i was to see the Canadiens crush Souray, If the second period wouldn't of went to shit it would of been a clean-ish win for us, I can tell you this much if Halak was in nets it would of definetly been a clean win. At this point in the season who am i to complain about a win right? a win if a motha funkin win. The east is a real tight race, The Canadiens need to stop being as emotional as a teenage girl whose boyfriend just broke up with her and called her ugly and shes on her period, Although can i really be pointing fingers at them when its people like me who make it so damn difficult to play hockey in this city, All well that's life if you're a Montreal Canadien.

Oh P.S
never chant OLE,OLE,OLE.
i heard that if you do that a short red head will punch you in the nose.

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