Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey Hey Hey Good Bye

He had to of seen it coming right?
There is no way he's surprised with this.
It's not like Gainey was whispering sweet nothings in his ear, Telling him he's the one, He's one and only right?

Now if you reflect on that past few games, anyone in right mind would say fire the mofo.
Give him the boot, this guys is wack. He don't know jack about how to be a coach.
He doesn't have his shit together and at this point in the season he is still heavily juggling lines, fuckin putting Carey in nets when Halak who can actually win a game is no longer ill. Playing a fuckin 4th line on a penalty kill with like 4 minutes left in a period given that was a while ago still.

How does a man who was nominated for coach of the year last year and was assistant coach on the winning all star team get fired? Well son ima gonna tell yous all about it.

Alls the way in Montreal Canada there is this mystical creature called a Priceasaurous and he's an enigma, He has mad ninja skill but is very sparing in who and when he will use them, When you'll need him the most he'll throw you a big fuck you, and sometimes just sometimes when you least expect it he'll make you praise the lord. Now these days Priceasaurous sightings are very rare although he's been seen all over North America usually disguised as a cowboy.

There is one man who until today regulated Priceasaruous sightings, He went by the name of Guy Carboner or Carbonneau, depends who you're asking really. He is a man of many amazing faces, my personal favorite is the " holy fucking shit we took another bullshit penalty i'm so angry i can only laugh and smile or else i'd shoot a bitch" face. He's won 3 Stanley Cups and unlike some other Canadiens players of his time *cough* breezer*cough* he knew how to retire gracefully from playing hockey. Guy Carboner you shall be missed or at least you crazy faces and being able ot say boner while watching hockey without being too heavily questioned. I don't think i shall ever again be able ti discuss with people how the coach looks like your creepy uncle who isn't really your uncle but more so a family friend that you'd have sex with, never again........

This ones for you Carboner

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The Catapult Kid said...

So far my favorite post. With the news today I was waiting for something to show up here, and I'm not disappointed with Lyndsey's venomous venting.
"Well now Grandpa's taking over and d'ere ain't gonna be anymore