Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a Hunk Of Junk

I seriously cannot stand Laraques.

You might thing Carey Price is my least favorite Hab, But if you thought that........You thought like an idiot. I can assure you that Laraques is my last favorite player, Fuck him.

He's useless. I know all kinds of french folk will be knocking on my door, wanting to lynch me, burning down my house and all kinds of other shit because for some dumb ass reason they fuckin like him.
maybe its his inability to skate?
maybe its his inability to stick handle?
maybe its his inability to score any goals?
maybe its his bullshit code, that allows him to fight, oh no one?

He is our only player that isn't a call up from Hamilton to not get a goal, He's a forward. Now I'm not a Little Miss Hockey know it all, i still have room to learn new things like what the dude in the penalty box does, but to the best of my knowledge don't forwards usually oh i don't know score goals??

Now i know we didn't get stuck with this useless player for three year because he's an epic goal scorer, but because he fights or something. From what I've seen Stewart and Henry are far Superior players, they skate better, they stick handle better, they have no bullshit codes, and they may have not scored in the Canadiens but both Stewart and Henry have scored goals with the Bulldogs 7 and 2 goals respectively.

He's so useless, such a waste of a spot on our roster, a waste of fucking money and hes always fucking hurt. He's only played 28 games this season, But Dandenault has only played 3 more games and has 5 points and he's a fuckin D-man.

Laraques, What a Hunk Of Junk


Lori said...

We had Georges Laraque last year. He likes to only fight the big guys. I'm sorry. I hope that you find an enforcer that scores two goals a season like Eric sexypants Godard. Free Agency will come...

wrap around curl said...

Watching Laraque play, I typically end up screaming at my tv. He does stupid things. It's one thing to be a large player but be effing useful?