Tuesday, December 2, 2008


And the Oscar for most pathetic win goes to????......................Oh shit the Habs. I know i should be all yay the won blah blah blah blah, but guess what? I'm not. Hypothetically speaking here if a team is ranked 5th in a league should they be able to beat a team this 29th oh that's right only one spot from the bottom?? Well guess what that was not hypothetical we are 5th and the thrashers are 29th. WHAT THE FUCK???? I mean yeah at the time we were only 7th and that win did shoot us up two spots, which is great because hey I'm obsessed with the stats like it might be a problem. I'm possibly seeking out H.S.A "Hockey Stats Anonymous". So Baby Kostitsyn, Tenderness and O'Bryne in the press box...................................Scandalous. Baby Kostitsyn needs to smarten the fack up, or else he's gonna find himself in the juniors, he's too damn sexy for the Juniors. Daggy is going well i like that lil guy, Price? seriously dude pay attention I still has a soft spot for you duder and i still like Halak alot better but Pricey i likes you, not that you'd be caught dead reading our blawg there is no Garth Brookes here and blawgs without Garth are so passe, duhhhhh. Back to hockey, So this game was absolutly pathetic, win won and I was still embarrassed. For almost 2/3rds of the game i thought Carey was gonna get another shut out and then he let 3 goals in less then 3 minutes, way to go virgin mother, letting them all up in your sacred spot aka the crease. AND and goalie interference?? LAPIERRE fuuuuuuuucccccckkkk Tangy fuckin works hard gets a goal and you're trying to diddle the goalie seconds before he get a goal but really assholes that was no goalie interference we deserved that goal you fuck heads. I think i should stop swearing in here and starting have more structure, who am i kidding i definitely won't be. WE won so it was a good game in that sense but boy oh boy was it pathetic. We did play pretty dece for the first 2/3rds of the game not up to our potential but y'know this game should of been a shut out for Price .Koivu aka Raichu has been leaving me disappointed, maybe i'm expecting too much for the captin of a team, y'know skating well, passing and maybe even scoring goals....WOAH what kind of a captin does that jezze.Kofalef as RDS calls him has been well, lets just say he's had a permanent brain fart this season, but his brain fart only happens on the ice, he can still take credit for all work of the young guys on the ice, I still love him though he's part of all my Russians and currently RUSSIAN OF THE MONTH, Oh what an honour.I'm possibly the worst habs fan ever i make fun of the palyers and talks shit, but y'know when non habs fans talk shit i am all up in their grill throwing stats and history and all that yummy goodness in their stupid idiot face . Ima leave you on a high note with this little declaration, Daggy i loves you for now............

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