Sunday, December 14, 2008

Russian of The Month Part 2

Ok so as promised you guys are getting a Russian of the month. Yes he's a hockey player. No he's not a Canadien, he doesn't even live in Canada BAHA, OK that wasn't even a little funny, like not at all, anyways so since you've been so patient and the Canadiens are playing so shitty, i decided to seek sanctuary in a nicer kinder place, the Ottawa Washington game, since I'm slightly obsessed with the stats for the whole league, i want Washington to LOSE, LOSE LIKE LOSERS!!! I really only feel that way because of the stats, i actually like the Capitals more then the Senators. So my Russian of the month is SERGEI FEDOROV. BOOM!

So i like pictures of Russians Pointing, So what. Highest scoring Russian born player ever, that's right boys and girls ever. This Pskov born 39 year old, is the bomb. Standing 6'2 weighing in a 206 pounds. He's dated many hot bitchez, well "hot bitches". He shoots with his left he's a center and a sexy. Born in Pskov in 1969 his mother Mama Fedorov birthed this fine piece of amazing hockey playing ass i mean hockey playing man, yes man. so much man. WOOO!!!! He is active in charities around Michigan and Russian FACT!

He's a super Hero FACT!! Well...He provided a children's hospital in Moscow with a dialysis machine which in turn saved lives which pretty much makes him a super hero

He Excels on the ice and off, If you know what I'm saying FACT Anna Kournikova, Tara Reid he hit that and now he might have Vd from the latter but you take that rish when you have sex with skanky womens even when they look as good as though two do.

He's won 3 Cups FACT! all 3 with Detroit in 1997, 1998 and 2002

He makes $4,000,000, He loves music, golf, travel, tennis boating and boning

He is Russian of The Month
one of many Russians of my wet dreams.

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