Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I'm just gonna put it out there i miss Streit, I miss him real bad. This morning one of the kids in my mums daycare came up to me and said plate and all i heard was streit, i was saddened due to my pure missment for him(yeah i made up missment) and impressed that a 2 year old knew who Streit was so i says to her Miranda I miss Streit too, When i snapped out of my Streit daze i realised she was talking about a plate and i was disappointed and felt kinda dumb, in my defence (Oh Streit plays defence) It was 7am i haven't had any caffeine yet and she has a weird lispy 2 year old kinda voice. I miss Streit, Fuckin islanders no one even likes them. I have dreams of him coming back and professing his love for us cause we're so special and so damn hot. Watching us play the Islanders is like watching your best friend cheat on his wife but with less nudity, unless your in Lilly's head hockey is all nudity all the time her head, I'm definitely partially making that up.

Look at him, He looks dashing in Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, We need him back in our lives, but you just don't know what you got till its gone. Now i know alot of people feel this way about Souray but funk him. Streit is where its at, just ask 2 year old Miranda she missed his lack of eyebrow,Swiss, defence goodness. As I'm writing this blog entry the song Baby Come Back by Player is playing in my head and hopefully in your head too, wondering how you might know this song its definitely in a swiffer commercial.I just want him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck you Rhode Island, Who even likes the Islanders and who ever wear Orange and Blue together?? Rhode Island and Edmonton and fuck then anyways and fuck Souray!!!!!

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